Do these companies' health insurance plans cover Viagra for men? Do they offer one year maternity leave, paid? Do they offer a completive salary to all employees so say, a single employee even at entry level can afford to pay for daycare and support a child? » 7/01/14 1:27pm 7/01/14 1:27pm

Questions: Does Hobby Lobby's health insurance plan cover Viagra (and the like) for men? Does Hobby Lobby offer one year paid maternity leave and health insurance coverage of all pregnancy-related costs? Do they offer a substantial increase in pay for women who have children, while making sure the women work only… » 7/01/14 1:23pm 7/01/14 1:23pm

Now I'm sad. How terrible. Also, it's telling how her own daughter protected her with silence, despite having been a victim at a very vulnerable age. Wonder how all the critics and journalists and reviewers who hailed "The Mists" as pro-feminist, female -empowering, etc etc feel now about it. Especially those who… » 6/29/14 12:06pm 6/29/14 12:06pm

One small improvement I appreciated a lot was when Motel 6 installed shower curtain rods that curve to the outside. It was so incredibly helpful to stop freaking about being attacked by a shower curtain in a motel! And if anyone should wonder why Motel 6, is because I'm traveling with dogs and they welcome dogs. » 6/09/14 11:28am 6/09/14 11:28am

I vividly remember a travel report from the 80s, a project documenting the Cree and Inuit lifestyle before the James Bay project was completed. The giant hydroelectric dams were unique in that they were built on relatively flat land, flooding a huge area (compared to lakes in the mountains.) » 4/28/14 6:24am 4/28/14 6:24am

This busy street intersection with no traffic lights is just pure chaos

Anarchy. That's what it's like to drive on the streets of Ethiopia. There are no traffic lights, no painted lanes, no rules on who has the right of way, no fear of hitting the car in front of you, and basically no driver has any idea what the other driver is going to do until they do it. It's chaos and probably… » 4/23/14 8:37am 4/23/14 8:37am

We Reached The "Everybody's Broken Past Fixing" Part of Game of Thrones

Remember when all the characters on Game of Thrones were shiny and new? Now Tyrion Lannister can't get laid in a whorehouse. His brother Jaime has lost his groove. The Stark girls have death in their hearts. Jon Snow's a traitor forever. Last night's premiere showed these characters aren't just broken, but broken… » 4/09/14 2:41pm 4/09/14 2:41pm

Speaking of Science is Political — I learned that early on, when in otherwise excellent Romanian textbooks, Marx and Lenin were quoted on every other page in math and physics books. And one didn't really dare to bring up relativity in physics, because the dictators didn't approve of relativity. All this nonsense was… » 4/08/14 2:14pm 4/08/14 2:14pm

The salt ponds in Southern France were first built by the Romans. Once upon a time I gawked at the native pink, white and black flamingoes while resting in the brine — no need to swim, you just float as if sitting in a lounging chair. Getting in the ponds was murky, I remember slipping in goo, but it was all worth… » 4/08/14 2:01pm 4/08/14 2:01pm

Would you share with us when/where did you serve? It seems to me, in the bicycle vs. horse considerations, geography and the type of support available makes a huge difference. Wouldn't our modern military use whatever tools or living animal helpers are best suited ? » 4/08/14 9:34am 4/08/14 9:34am