We Reached The "Everybody's Broken Past Fixing" Part of Game of Thrones

Remember when all the characters on Game of Thrones were shiny and new? Now Tyrion Lannister can't get laid in a whorehouse. His brother Jaime has lost his groove. The Stark girls have death in their hearts. Jon Snow's a traitor forever. Last night's premiere showed these characters aren't just broken, but broken… » 4/09/14 2:41pm 4/09/14 2:41pm

Speaking of Science is Political — I learned that early on, when in otherwise excellent Romanian textbooks, Marx and Lenin were quoted on every other page in math and physics books. And one didn't really dare to bring up relativity in physics, because the dictators didn't approve of relativity. All this nonsense was… » 4/08/14 2:14pm 4/08/14 2:14pm

The salt ponds in Southern France were first built by the Romans. Once upon a time I gawked at the native pink, white and black flamingoes while resting in the brine — no need to swim, you just float as if sitting in a lounging chair. Getting in the ponds was murky, I remember slipping in goo, but it was all worth it,… » 4/08/14 5:01pm 4/08/14 5:01pm

Would you share with us when/where did you serve? It seems to me, in the bicycle vs. horse considerations, geography and the type of support available makes a huge difference. Wouldn't our modern military use whatever tools or living animal helpers are best suited ? » 4/08/14 9:34am 4/08/14 9:34am

The Game I Played When I Was Scared To Death of Being Deported

Amidst the pushcart vendors selling bacon-wrapped hot-dogs, religious leaders blasting damning sermons over megaphones, and the homeless wandering around the city, there is one San Francisco fixture most people don't know about—not even the locals. It's not a bridge or a winding street or anything like that: I'm… » 3/31/14 5:23pm 3/31/14 5:23pm

I was INTJ as well, if I remember correctly. It turned out, a majority of the women on one of my equestrian lists had the same profile, making us all wonder if the introverts are more likely to seek connections with animals. » 3/14/14 5:42am 3/14/14 5:42am

I liked last week's action in New Vegas, especially Charlie stepping up to the plate. Dreamcatcher went in a different direction for this how, and yeah, I liked it. Except that I'm worried about how the showrunners are missing the mark on this great situation they created, with sentient AI nanobots — I am still mad at… » 3/07/14 5:46pm 3/07/14 5:46pm

While droughts come and go, population in the Western States has gone up dramatically. Although indications are the rates of global population growth has slowed down, population is still growing. We can use water more efficiently, but the issues of long-term resources vs. number of people/consumption are only getting… » 2/26/14 10:10am 2/26/14 10:10am